Car Windscreen

CF Windscreen incorporated in 2012. We are located in Bandar Puteri, Puchong. We are specialist in installation of car windscreen, repair crack glasses, car solar and safety film tinted, and insurance claims services. Each member in our team is trained, skillful and professional.

We always try to understand our customers and the needs of users. We always provide timely, accurate and high quality service for them. We strive to improve the quality and efficiency of our products and services. We learn from the experience, and we succeeded in obtaining the customer’s trust and loyalty. With years of experience, we firmly believe that our ability to ensure to our customers with the best service, value and quality.

We are committed to providing high quality glass and professional services, to ensure that customers enjoy driving in comfort and clear vision while providing security protection for their family. We provide 2-year guarantee (leak-proof) for all windscreen which install in our company.

To know more about our services and prices related, we welcome customers to contact our helpline, 0163203230. Relevant about the professional installation and repair advice, customers also can send e-mail directly to us


CF Windscreen于2012年注册成立。我们是一家位于蒲种公主城专业安装汽车大镜,爆裂补修,防爆隔热膜,以及保险索偿的公司。我们的团队,每一个成员都是训练有素,技术精湛的专业人员。

自成立以来,我们总是设法了解我们的客户和用户的需要,为他们提供及时,准确和优质的服务。我们不断努力提高我们的产品和服务的质量和效益。在遇到各种不同的挑战,CF Windscreen也从中吸取经验,并成功地获得客户的信任和忠诚。凭借多年的经验,我们坚信我们的能力,能确保给我们的客户提供一流的服务,价值和质量。

我们也承诺提供优质的玻璃及专业的服务,以确保客户享有舒适及清晰的驾驶视野,同时提供客户一家人在车程中安全的保护。我们所提供的所有大镜安装服务包含2年保证(防漏水) 。

有关本公司的服务和价格的详细信息,我们欢迎客户联系我们的热线服务电话, 016 3203230。有关专业安装及修补咨询,客户也可以直接发送电子邮件给我们

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